About Jean


I was born in Missouri where I was raised in a small suburb of St Louis. There I completed my formal education. I recognized my call to be an artist early in my childhood and at the age of 13, I started oil painting. As long as I can remember, I always had images that come to my mind, and I feel like they need to be put on canvas.  Always during my childhood my passion was drawing and art. With this wonderful gift I received from God, I am able to capture the personality of the animals I paint.   Although I work in watercolor, sculpting, and other mediums, oil has remained my passion.


I work to capture the essence of the animal's personality in my paintings, showing their very soul on the canvas.  Thus, I give a very close and personal look into the animal and illustrate the innocent playfulness in their hearts.  I have made endangered species my main focus in the hope my paintings will help raise awareness of their great plight. 

I believe my development as an artist has grown into a sophisticated awareness of my subject matter, even though my early work  would be considered much more primitive.   I am ever thankful for this wonderful gift that I have received, and hope it will bring enjoyment to others!